10 Gestures of Gratitude

Oct 3, 2017 | Growth Tips

The time for giving thanks to your clients is now upon us.

Personally, I like saying thank you ahead of time, for example, before it’s time to leave a party. Why? Because then I can spend focused time doing it, and avoid the akwardness of multi tasking when it is time to leave. This way I also make a bigger impact on my relationship.

You can do the same in business.

Let your clients know how you feel before the year is over. Avoid the holiday rush.

Here are 10 ways to say thank you. (Share with me how you say thanks.)

  1. A short written thank you note, using their name with a specific mention of gratitude, and a smiley face.
  2. A flower basket (chrysanthemums) given to the client with a thank you note personalized by the crew dropping it off. One contractor shared with me that this cost him less than $7 per client and he received thank-you emails from 55% of his client base in the first week.
  3. A small plate of home made cookies.
  4. A donation made in your clients’ name to a charity, the amount does not need to be mentioned. (I love this one, it’s classy and win-win-win.)
  5. A sketch of a backyard design for the client, highlighting new ideas and products that you offer (e.g. outdoor fireplace.)
  6. Saying thanks to a client in your newsletter or social media. Highlighting them, not you.
  7. Remembering someone’s anniversary when they first hired your firm (or joined your firm, for an employee.)
  8. Preparing a flower bouquet for your client’s child, to bring to their date, for prom or a dance.
  9. Calling your clients after a storm to make sure everything is ok on their property. (For your larger clients you would simply stop by.)
  10. Helping out a client in a time of need, having nothing to do with their property.

Would you drive your client to the hospital? I recall the time at my firm when an account manager drove to a client’s home after a foot of rain, to pick up and drive his wife to her chemotherapy appointment. This was a weekend gesture, and our account manager picked up the woman and carried her to the truck. She was frail and could not wade through the floods.

Strong emotional bonds with your clients will safeguard your relationship from human error and faux-pas, and give your employees an added purpose for the hard work they do everyday.

Jeffrey’s Breakthrough Idea: You are not in the landscaping business serving people, you are in the people business servicing their landscapes.

Take Action. Say thanks to your clients before the holidays come, or right after the holidays in January. Either way, stand out!