There is an expression in our industry, The 100 Days of Hell.

While it is humorous, it sets the wrong tone.

I like the following upbeat expression better: 100 Days To Sell

Spring is here and many of you across the country have already been selling into this year’s goals.

But you can always get better.

Answering the phone and returning calls promptly puts you ahead of 90% of your would-be competitors.

The following ten tips above will help you get ahead of everyone else.

10 Sales Knowledge Bombs to help you up your sales game.

  1. Be choosy: If you dont “Qualify, qualify, qualify”, you wont be able to sell sell sell. Remember: Sell to prospects who believe what you believe, and want what you sell.
  2. Make promises, keep promises: Salespeople should schedule their time tightly and efficiently, so you can make promises of quick response and keep those promises! This requires using technology, outsourcing services (design, take offs, etc.) and employing a defined selling and estimating processes.
  3. Selling happens in person: Order taking happens on email. Real salesmanship happens in real time. Especially when discussing questions and dealing with resistance. Note: Zoom and Loom Recordings are the new in person” contract presentation, so give those a try this year.
  4. Have a secret weapon: Every sales person should have a secret weapon, something the other competitors don’t have. Perhaps meeting at your facility can be your secret weapon. It shows that you are a real company with a professional approach. It also allows you to plant seeds on upsales opportunities, by showing them more options. What’s your secret weapon?
  5. Always set the next step: Always leave a sales meeting with the next step scheduled and client expectations clarified. This is so fundamental, that it bears repeating. It is critical for sales momentum.
  6. Build trust, then ask the difficult question: You need to ask a client how much they want to spend, but not until you have built a strong emotional rapport. If your prospect wont answer that difficult question, then you have failed to build trust. Note, you are the professional sales consultant, so if they are stumped be prepared to help them understand the costs.
  7. Sell the Sizzle. Uncover the emotional wants and needs, and the ego satisfaction that your clients will achieve by owning and using your product. And then sell that sizzle. Remember: People rationalize with facts, but buy on emotion.
  8. Let clients talk among themselves. Create an excuse to leave the room so two clients (e.g. husband and wife) can talk among themselves, then you can re-enter the room, handle objections, and close the sale more quickly.
  9. Follow up Fridays. Fridays are the best days to make presentations and to follow up on outstanding residential sales; clients are thinking about the weekend, starting to decompress, and have head space to focus on you and their home.
  10. Be professionally persistent. It has been proven that top salespeople achieve higher results by consistently following up on outstanding proposalsin a professional manner.Note there is technology that allows you to automate follow ups. Tech-ify your sales process.

Your Challenge: Selling into a temperamental market.

The market is temperamental right now, it is no longer “easy selling.” This year will separate the wannabes from the real sales professionals. Which are you?

A few weeks back I wrote on the art and science of negotiation; make sure to train yourself and your team to be expert negotiators. You will need that this year.

Ready, set, sell!

Regards, Jeffrey Scott!

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