20 Hour Work Week Challenge

Oct 10, 2019 | Growth Tips, Uncategorized

Do you work full time, or are you able to take time off –– and diversify your interests?

I am currently working with a seasoned but young business owner who has moved his family overseas to live in the promised land. I am coaching his GM and working with his team; he works an hour a week.

What would you do if you had an extra 10, 20 or even 30 hours free each week? How would you spend it?

  • With your family?
  • On your next venture?
  • On real estate investments?
  • On a boat, or at a second home in Vail or Hawaii?

Many lawn, landscape, and irrigation entrepreneurs wait until they’ve “made it” before they start taking time off. But “made it” is just another way to say financially independent, and sometimes it’s just a metaphor for retired.

Why wait?

The Best Landscape Entrepreneurs Don’t Wait.

Last night I had dinner with a very successful friend (a serial entrepreneur) who revealed to me that he recently discovered that his business does better when he is less involved. He called it his revelation. He is smart, driven, A-type, and was probably overcrowding his team.

Do you have a winning team in place that can steer your growth?

Don’t wait until you’ve made it to start enjoying your investment.

Get ready now!

Share your energized vision with your team so you can attract and retain the best.

Give your team the chance to lead.

Put systems in place to allow you to pull back.

Work hard, play hard.

My grandfather taught me this expression when I was 7 years old. Amazing how applicable this expression is, today more than ever.

My best clients work exceedingly hard during their work hours and play equally hard during their off-hours.

This is some of my most satisfying work, to help owners realize their vision and allow others to lead.

It’s the one true way to grow a successful organization.

Your challenge: Take a blank sheet of paper, and write down what you want to be doing when you “made it”, and start doing it today.