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The Four Myths of Incentives


Incentives—rewards meant to encourage and motivate employees to be more productive—all too often backfire and create unintended consequences: internal squabbles, cynicism, distraction, and diminished performance. The trick with incentives is avoiding the pitfalls and common myths. Following are the four most common myths regarding incentives: MYTH 1: Incentives should be focused only on what a …

12 Opportunities to Improve Your Leadership


___1. SHARE YOUR VISION – Share your vision of the company: what you want the company to look like in 3 years +/-. Keep it simple with a couple of sentences or bullet points. End your vision statement with the benefits: WIIFE & C (What’s in it for employees & customers). Employees will LOVE hearing …

Competing With the BIG BOYS


If you are trying to compete with the Big Boys, you need to be aware of how the larger commercial management firms operate. They have a sophisticated approach to decision making (it is different from an owner operator of a strip mall).  You need to find out: At what level the enhancement jobs go out …

Preventing Good Employees From Getting Away


What causes worker exodus and what should you do about it? Gallup’s extensive research tells us that there are 12 key elements to keeping employees engaged: I know what is expected of me at work I have the materials and equipment I need to do my job right At work my opinions seem to count …

PRICING FOR RISK: How Much Should Each Service Sell For?


The profit you earn on each of your services is driven by a few factors: the marketplace, how it is priced and sold, how efficiently it is produced, and how much overhead must be recovered.  However, the profit you earn should ultimately reflect the risk associated with each service. The higher the risk, the higher the profit …

Raising Owner’s Income: How Much Is in Your Wallet?


Owners of contracting firms earn on average 8 percent Net to Owner; but above average entrepreneurs earn 16 percent Net to Owner and the top 10% of our industry earn considerably more. How much is in your wallet? Many owners focus on building their revenues as a way to build their wealth. While there can …

The Size of the Bait Determines the Size of the Catch


This Tuesday I was speaking in Southwest Florida area – and on Monday the President and President Elect of the chapter were kind enough to invite me fishing on the gulf, off a place called Pine Island. I was intrigued and excited by the idea – I am not a fisherman and have never been …

Think Like an Owner


Pass this on to all employees. It is not enough in this economy to wait for the boss to tell you what to do. If you want to grow your career, you have to think and act like an owner or CEO. Ask yourself, “What would an entrepreneur do to help this company grow?” Here …

Busy Is Not Always Good


Have you noticed how busy people are these days? People were busy last year, and now they are even busier today. 

But busy is not always good.

There are many different kinds of “busy.” Just like the Eskimo’s have many different definitions for “snow”, we need to differentiate between the different kinds of busy.

Here is a list …