Monthly Archives: August 2017

Who Let Your Dog Out?

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The dog days of summer are peaking, and fall weather will soon be upon us. As the leader of your firm (or department), you have hopefully taken a break, reconnected to nature, and had time for your family and some good ol’ fashion recreation.  (Note: when you separate the word “recreation”, you get two words: …

Are You Held Back by a Start-Up Mindset?

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From a young age, surrounded by many successful family entrepreneurs, I learned that persistence and hard work were keys to entrepreneurial success. Being an entrepreneur is not easy. It requires a constant rethinking of one’s original idea, and reinventing of one self and one’s company. When you are in the start up phase, this mindset of “do what …

Take Time To Reflect – Every Day and Week

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August feels like mid-year, even though the year is 2/3 over. It is time to reflect on how you are doing. In fact, the art of reflection is a skill that should be practiced daily, weekly and quarterly. All the best entrepreneurs and companies do! Watch Jeffrey explain why it works and how to implement …