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Are You Coming To Landscapes/GIE+Expo In Louisville?


To maximize the value of your visit to this conference, or any tradeshow, read my article to learn 11 tips to maximize your time and money spent going to conferences. If you are coming to this great conference (the biggest landscape show on earth!), here are 7 opportunities for us to connect, and for you to …

11 tips to maximize your time and money spent going to conferences.


1. MAKE FRIENDS FIRST. I have found that it is important to make new contacts you can talk to after the show is over. Sometimes a show can be overwhelming and you can’t take it all in, but if you make new friends, you can do both: learn from people at the show, and learn …

A New Kind of Employee Review


Here is a new approach to employee reviews. Now is the time to hold them, don’t wait till year-end.

Watch this short video for a new and better way to think about and hold employee reviews. Share it with other managers and develop a more productive approach to mentoring your team!


Announcing Special Guest for Webinar #3: Build Your Leadership Dream Team


Join Jeffrey Scott on Wednesday, September 27th, for his third webinar, “Building Your Leadership Dream Team…So your company runs without you” We are pleased to announce special guest Seth Kehne, CEO of The Lawn Butler, Knoxville, TN. He will share with you his valuable insights into building resilient, super productive teams. Register HERE, watch live, and you …

The Power of Speed


Woody Allen is quoted as saying, “80% of life is showing up.” He got that half right, because 80% of winning at business is showing up promptly. The entrepreneurs I work with are happily surprised I show up on time, promptly. Not everybody is used to that, and perhaps not everybody is used to delivering that, either. To …