Monthly Archives: October 2017

Build Your Business, One Story at a Time


I work with many super talented entrepreneurs: Some like to move forward quickly to the next new thing. Many are so ambitious and creative that they outstrip their organization; Sometimes the new thing is a shiny squirrel, and sometimes it is the next logical building block. It is not a question of whether it is a good …

Sprint Through The Finish Line


Because your profit is earned in this final quarter of the year, I created this short 3 min video for you and your leadership team to watch and discuss how to finish the year strong.

On this video I speak about: Breakeven dates, Throughput goals per week. Decreasing non billable time, and Exploiting overtime.

Share with your team, watch and get inspired to sprint through the finish line.


Hear From A Time-Tested CEO On Running A Dynamic Family Business


Webinar #4: GROWING A THRIVING FAMILY BUSINESS – October 25, Wednesday, 1pm ET. Register here. Family businesses can be large, dynamic and super successful – how successful is yours? At their heart, all companies are family businesses “full of families”. Learn how to tap into that, and protect and exploit it. This webinar will help you build your legacy …

Announcing Special Guest for Webinar #4: GROWING A THRIVING FAMILY BUSINESS


Join Jeffrey Scott on Wednesday, October 25th, for his fourth webinar, “Growing a Thriving Family Business”. GUEST SPEAKER on this webinar will be: Seneca Hull, President, Franz Witte Landscape Contracting, Boise, Idaho. Register HERE, watch live, and you will also receive the recordings to view afterwards. For those trying to build a prosperous legacy: At their heart, …