Monthly Archives: March 2018

How to eat your competition for breakfast.


Culture is an oft used term to describe the behaviors and attitudes of an organization, and many companies are focused on building and improving their culture. In fact, I have gained many new clients with this goal. But to what end? How do you know if your culture needs improvement? To find out, you simply …

What makes your company unique?


To have a competitive advantage in the market place, you need to be unique….but that is not enough. You also need to be desirable in the eye of the customer. it is the combination of being uniquely desirable that sets you apart, and allows you to build a profitable enterprise. But it is difficult to …

Does Everyone Know Their Role?


Do you and everyone have absolute clarity in their roles, and how it fits into the larger processes and company strategy?

This short video gives you two different techniques for bringing more clarity to each role. Remember, the more clarity you have, the more efficiency, productivity, morale and profit you will achieve!