Monthly Archives: July 2019

How Deep is Your Competitive Spirit?


There are two types of competitive spirits that drive teams. Which does your team have? And how deep does it run? …on Sunday the women’s international soccer team broke records by beating the Dutch for our team’s fourth World Cup victory. During the tournament they chanted, “We are the best!” Not to brag or to …

Happy Independence Day!


I wish you and your family a happy and healthy Independence Day! And for my friends up north, Happy Canada Day! We are blessed that our forefathers were so bold in their thinking and actions, standing up to tyranny and deciding to forge their own path. (What happened to our foremothers, btw? Why don’t we …

I am really excited about this!


I am bursting with excitement regarding the information and tools that we will be sharing with you at the upcoming Design Build Growth Summit in Columbus, Ohio Here are 5 of the strategies you will be exposed to; most of these you have NEVER heard or seen before: How to achieve 20+% Net Profit and …