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Is Your Business Boring You?

bulldog bored at business

Do you ever find yourself bored with your current business? Starting and ramping up a business is exciting, however running the day-to-day operations is a whole other thing. Entrepreneurs are classic ‘starters‘, and once the business is up and running, they think about starting the next thing. That drive is life-creating and so important for …

Think Like An Owner

employee thinking

Wouldn’t it be great if your employees could read your mind and take initiative in the areas of the business that most need attention? Many employees want to take more initiative, and earn promotions within your company, but they are unsure what to do. Even if you have a career ladder, or path laid out …

The Closing Of A Decade

raod sign with many years on it from past decade

When you read the newspapers, it is hard to tell what the truth is about the economy and the world. Journalists on both sides shoot for the extremes in order to gain eyeballs; they earn their money by tapping into anxiety and negative feelings. It’s confusing and does not add value to your decision-making. As …