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Here Is What I Have Learned So Far…

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Here are some metrics I have collected, that some will find preposterous…and yet others will find these numbers eye-opening and hopeful. Running a Lawn Care Business you can earn 30% Net Profit (NP) and higher as measured by EBIDTA. And as high as 78% GPM (gross profit margin, measured after cost of unburdened labor, subs and …

What Is The ROI Of Your Best Leaders?

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It’s not enough for your best leaders to hit their budgeted goals, support your culture and grow their divisions…there is one more critical thing they need to do. Let me explain with this anecdote: A few weeks ago, a very successful landscape entrepreneur and long time client (of a 20% Net Profit business) shared a …

Entrepreneurs Must Wear These Two Hats

landscape leaders peer group

Last week I took my Irrigation Leaders Peer Group to Tuscon AZ, and I was reminded of a critical lesson that all entrepreneurs must heed, which I want to share you with you. (But first let me say Thank You to landscape entrepreneur Brian Ham co-owner of Santa Rita Landscaping in Tuscon, for inviting us …

Why Isn’t My Landscape Company Making 20 Percent?

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Or for some of you, the question may be “Why am I not making 10%?” I hear this query from owners who know they can do better than the industry average of 5%. They know that hard work and smarter approaches can deliver higher returns, but they are not sure what’s possible. Many of my …