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It’s Time to Pivot

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Man, this has been an interesting week, with my home town New Orleans blowing up with corona, and my friend’s circle catching it as well. One is a pilot, not the best profession for these times. 😢 So what do you do? Sit back and lament or chin-up and look for the opportunities ahead? Last …

6 Strategies to Inspire Your Team to Thrive

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When you look back over history, it is the long term investor who does well, especially in times of uncertainty. Today’s papers are filled with headlines that drive panic. Don’t fall prey to it. Your business future will be decided by your calm approach and mindset today, and how you steer through today’s obstacles. With …

CRISIS RESOURCE PAGE: Responding to COVID-19 for the Lawn and Landscape Industry

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SMART BUSINESS RESPONSES TO COVID-19 During a crisis, smart lawn and landscape owners are looking for practical strategies and solutions they can implement in their business rapidly. You want to act fast. Consider this your crisis resource center where you will find links to basic and advanced business resources that will help you during the …

How To Respond To COVID-19 As A Business Owner

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Last week I told you the sky was not falling. It isn’t, but a lot has changed in the past week, and this will help you get prepared. With the fast-moving coronavirus, you need to change and adapt your plans now as a business. Those who act fast will have first mover advantage. Here are …

Leadership Lessons From Jack Welch

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Do you apply Jack Welch’s management tactics to your business? You should, in my opinion. Jack Welch, the former CEO of GE, passed away last week; he was the best CEO of the last century, or at least since I have been alive. He was my mentor from afar, and I was sad to read …

Don’t Panic, The Sky is Not Falling

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With the coronavirus spreading havoc, and the stock market dropping, it makes sense for you to feel like the earth is wobbling. When I was younger, I might have panicked, but not anymore. While the coronavirus is a serious global concern, I believe that the majority of its economic impact will prove temporary. As a …