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10 Ways to Strengthen Your Marketing Message and Mix


How well your company rebounds this year depends on the strength of your company’s marketing and sales culture. This is not the time to rely solely on referrals: When the economy drops, so do your leads. Strong marketing and sales-oriented companies don’t have this problem, even now. They have marketing engines and strong sales systems …

Episode #151 – Conversation With Frank Mariani, Owner of Mariani Landscape


Frank Mariani is the owner of the largest residential landscape firm in the country. It all started back in 1954 when Frank’s dad Vito Mariani came to the US from Italy.

As an industry leader, Frank’s passion is professionalizing the industry and mentoring the next generation.

Jeffrey Scott and Frank Mariani discuss how Mariani Landscape is responding to the COVID-19 crisis, what his new normal looks like and lots of other gems. You will enjoy and feel inspired by their ideas.


The 4 Rules Of Diversification


During this pandemic I am seeing a patchwork of economic responses across the country. Some companies are booming, like the clients I spoke with in Utah, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. Business is up! And other companies are currently on hold, e.g. in the San Francisco area and in Michigan. If you have ever thought about diversifying …

Thriving In A Crisis: Free Webinar

thriving in a crisis free webinar

How well are you steering your company through this crisis? It has forced us all into immediate, relentless action. You have to work harder than ever before just to stay in place, and/or not lose too much ground. You are not alone. Here is how I can help you, with this free webinar, this Thursday, …

Innovative Leadership During The Crisis

the Shakespeare monument

Some of you are working at full capacity, while others are in lockdown, and others are somewhere in-between. It’s a real patchwork across North America. For those of you impacted by the crisis, now is a time for innovation. Shakespeare remained productive and creative. Shakespeare worked through the plague and as a history lesson we …

Are You Buying, Or Are You Selling?

Close-up Of Person Hand Giving Money To Other Hand

We are experiencing turbulent times, and so I want to share some economic insight that will help ground you. A few weeks back after the stock market crashed, I called up my financial advisor on a Sunday to discuss options. I asked him the wisdom of taking some chips off the table in case the …