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Eleven Learning Points From Frank, Shawn, and the Summer Growth Summit

Jeffrey Scott, Frank Mariani, Frank Mariani Jr, Shawn Edwards

For those of you who did not make it to our Summer Growth Summit, here is a sampling of the takeaways — eleven points to inspire and guide you: 1. Profitability starts with pricing To earn a 20% net profit, you have to charge out your labor at an ample hourly rate. Frank Mariani shared …

How To Have An Even Bigger Impact In Your Community

hands holding soil and plants

Some landscape, lawn, or irrigation entrepreneurs relish their ability to make a large impact on their local community. If that’s you, I am going to show you two ways you can have an even bigger impact – by turning small ripples into a tidal wave.  Years ago, I met the current President of the National Association of …

The Secret To Reducing Stress And Increasing Joy At Work (And In Life)

Volunteers serving food to people indoors

During this crazy and challenging year, everyone could use more kindness in their life. The ongoing uncertainty of COVID seems to be hammering away at people’s feelings of well-being. Even the healthiest people I know are feeling the pressure of the constant changes. What can we do to compensate and stay refreshed and elevated? I …

Why Run Your Company With “Profit Centers”?

Businessmen and businesswomen joining hands in group meeting at multicultural office room showing teamwork, support and unity in business. Diversity workplace and corporate people working concept.

There is a debate going on in our industry — some say you should have a separate sales department and a separate production department. Others say you should set up your company as a collection of profit centers, where one person oversees both sales and production. (Some companies will have a mix of both, but …

How To Plan Your Exit From A Landscape Business

green exit sign

Can you plan the exit of your landscape business too early? Not really. The best time to plan your exit is ten years out. The second best time is to start your planning now, with an eye to the future. Last week, a member of my community asked me how long it would take to …