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Casting A Compelling Vision Is The Key To Growth


Have you shared a vision that is so compelling that your team jumps out of bed every morning and runs into work? Do you even know what a compelling vision looks like? Last week, I was Zooming with a coaching client, Almora Hudson, the owner of a second-generation landscape firm in Northern California. They have grown far beyond the …

Don’t Wait Until The End Of Life To Define Your Legacy

passing on legacy

We think about legacy as we get older, but that is often too late. When you get to an age where it’s time to transition your business, you will need to have already thought through many things, including your professional legacy. This was brought home this past week with the passing of a Supreme Court Justice, …

Episode #161 Building a Driven, Caring $30M+ Company with Jason Craven


Jason Craven has built a mega-successful company (Southern Botanical) in the heart of Texas. At 12 years old, he started mowing lawns to earn money for a new bicycle. In 1995, he turned this endeavor into a company that includes 280+ team members who share the same devotion to quality that the company was founded on.

Jason is unique in his inspiring vision for the green industry, his dedication to the long game, his passion for constant improvement, and for the level of service he demands and trains his team to achieve.

Jeffrey and Jason discuss how ambition and drive can build a company but also how they can get in the way of its continued success. Jason shares many inside secrets and tactics they have implemented on his way to building a Destination Company®.

Learn how Southern Botanical has done extremely well during the pandemic based on their culture and focus to employees and clients.

Listen in below.


What Can You Learn From Rubbing Shoulders With Highly Motivated Peers?


Last week, one of my long term peer groups met with me via Zoom and shared some extremely useful tips (below). Some of them had doubts that a Zoom meeting could be productive and inspiring, but by the end of it, everyone was jazzed. My friend Jason Craven, CEO of the $30M business Southern Botanical, was a guest speaker …

What Goals Should You Focus on During the Home Stretch?

Woman crossing Finishing Line

It has been a long, tiresome year, where many people’s goals simply went out the window. Some of you are ready for Xmas break already! We will get there soon enough, but first, let’s recalibrate what needs to get done this fall. Barney Naylor, President of Naylor Landscape Management, shared this with me two weeks …