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New Ford CEO, Jim Farley, Shows Landscapers the Way to the Future

Logo of the car manufacturer Ford in a parked vehicle.

The new Ford Motor Company CEO, Jim Farley, is leading the transformation of the 117-year-old company by focusing on going digital and giving commercial vehicle buyers better use of their data to make better decisions. According to the Wall Street Journal, “As a racer of vintage cars, Jim Farley has ironically spent his first few …

Sales Commissions Can Fail in Three Ways

Man on a boat in the middle of the ocean surrounded by sharks.

Sales commissions can fail in three big ways––two are somewhat obvious, and one is hidden and does damage if unnoticed.  Before you even consider setting up a commission plan, you have to be ready for the culture change it brings. Commissions can be very “I” centric and encourage the individualistic nature of salespeople. As long …

Episode #165 – Live a Culture of Excellence; Pillar 2 from “Become A Destination Company®”

Jeffrey scott and book

This is the second pillar from Jeffrey Scott’s book, Become a Destination Company®. A Roadmap to Attract, Motivate, and Retain Great Employees.

Live a Culture of Excellence

In this episode, Jeffrey will show you what you need to do as a company to create a Culture of Excellence.

To attract and retain great people, you must give them ample evidence of your high standards and of the quality-driven culture you live every day.

This chapter includes strategies and systems for implementing such a culture of excellence in your company and developing and maintaining a reputation for doing excellent work.


5 Levels of Financial Management: Terrible, Poor, Good, Better, and Best!

hand with coin and plant growing putting coins to stacking for money saving profit and business investment growth concept.

There are five levels of financial management in the landscape industry. They range from Terrible, Poor, Good, Better to Best. Where does your company operate financially? The following framework will help you identify where your company stands from a financial management perspective and where you can improve.  Read through these five Levels of Financial Management and get clarity on your …

Dramatically Change Your Company Culture in Just One Week


What if you could dramatically change your company culture in just one week? In a way that would foster deep leadership buy-in, sharpened leadership focus, and surging employee morale? It may sound like pixie dust, but I have seen it happen over and over. This is not meant to be a brag, but rather to …