3 Golden Nuggets From Frank Mariani

Dec 19, 2017 | Growth Tips

Frank Mariani and I spent 35 minutes last Friday talking about what activities he does that are critical in building a successful company. He shared some real nuggets on what he used to do when we was super small operating out of his home: activities that he still does today!  (And today he has the largest privately held landscape firm in the USA)

He also shared with us which passions gets him out of bed each morning, and his thoughts on the future of landscaping.  Here is a link to the 35 minute webinar. (You only need to listen to it, there is nothing to really see).

I wish you and your family a HAPPY, HEALTHY & BLESSED holiday season and New Year! From my family (Aspen/dog, Michael, Max, Kate, Corine, Jeffrey) to yours! [See photos below]

For my next newsletter, I will share with you a brand new approach to New Year’s resolutions – a habit that will help you make a real change in 2018….stay tuned.

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