3 lessons from the Super Bowl

Feb 20, 2024 | Growth Tips, Planning, Webinar

The recent Super Bowl was one for the ages.

It was watched by 123.4 million viewers, the highest number for a single broadcast in US history.

(Note: That was the average number that were tuned in at any given moment. Over 202 million in total watched any part of the game!)

It was a close game, with a story waiting to be written by either team that won.

Here are 3 lessons you can apply to your landscape business from the Chiefs/49ers dual.

1. Know the score and communicate the next steps.

This may sound obvious, but if Patrick Mahomes (Quarterback for The Chiefs) didn’t know the score, and didn’t know that they were behind early on, he never would have stepped on the gas to catch up and win.

His mental toughness, supported by a strong defense, was key for their win.

This is true for their entire season as well, the team had mixed results early in the year, and then stepped on the gas and got to work.

For your landscape company to win, and especially to come from behind, your employees and leaders need to know the score.

Don’t let shame or busy-ness get in the way of communicating the score, good or bad.

How well do you keep each crew and your entire team updated?

Winners want to win, so build your communication strategy and policies around the winners on your team, and they will lift everyone else up.

Don’t dumb down your approach or keep bad news to yourself. Lay out what it takes to win and keep everyone apprised of the score.

2. Keep the celebrations big and fun.

The halftime show with Usher was an extravaganza of talent; he brought in many stars to make the show a hit.

He didn’t make the show about himself. He designed it to pay respect to the Atlanta music culture. And it showed.

The anticipation for the halftime show was big, and yet it beat expectations!

You can do the same with your own celebrations.

Landscaping is hard work, and if you keep the celebrations happening throughout the year, keep the respect high for your teams, you can finish strong.

Keep landscaping fun!

3. Don’t forget safety.

Unfortunately during the postgame celebrations there was a gun fight, and many people were hurt.

It was terrible.

This reminds me of the accidents and harm that can happen in our own profession.

Every quarter (or two) I hear about some big, freak accident from one of our clients in our peer group community.

Safety is never a timely issue, until it is. Stay vigilant!

And when someone is hurt, or simply in need due to a family circumstance, make sure leadership is there for them.

Loyalty is demonstrated–and your culture is built–by how you show up for your employees in their personal time of need.

Cancel meetings and be by their side. They will never forget it.

Your challenge: Keep your business plan current.

It takes a lot of planning to win the game of landscaping.

You set your initial plan in the fall/winter, but this plan — and your budget — needs to be revisited quarterly to keep your team in winning form.

  • Where are we on track?
  • Where are we off track?
  • What adaptations or pivots do we need to make?

Winning is not based on luck. It’s based on smart management and smart coaching.

Learn how to be smart at both.

You got this!

Regards, Jeffrey Scott

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