7 lessons learned from Scaling

Feb 26, 2019 | Growth Tips

If you missed our Scaling event in Boston, here are 7 lessons learned:

  1. Build your company from the inside out, attracting and rewarding great people, and the growth will follow.
  2. Count the pennies and you will earn the dollars (which means create accountability around the little things like shovels, and you’ll gain accountability on the larger items.)
  3. It takes commitment and hard work to Become a Destination Company®. Bob Marzilli shared that he and his wife are as “energized and involved” now as when they first started the business (back when they didn’t even take a pay check.) They are committed more than ever to growing their people.
  4. You are never too small to do strategic planning, and to share it with your team and get everyone on board! Review the plan regularly throughout the year, and you too will keep Scaling.
  5. Profit sharing works when your employees understand that “every dollar we save in efficiency, x% goes back to us employees.”
  6. Sometimes it is “rocket science” to run a multi-service, multi-million dollar company, and other entrepreneurs are struggling with the same issues you are. So give yourself a break!
  7. Communication is the biggest ingredient to growth, culture and profitability. Bob Marzilli and myself agree on this 100%. I have seen in my consulting and coaching that all companies have this obstacle, and the ones that figure it out, win!

Plus many people shared the books that helped them achieve, learn new ideas, and grow as human beings and leaders. The most successful people take time to read.

PHOTO: People flew in from all over the country; one contractor drove 10 hours from Prince Edward Island just in time for dinner. It was fun to catch up with old friends and make new ones, in a fabulous old-world restaurant. Prost!