7 Podcasts That Will Change Your World

Apr 30, 2024 | Growth Tips, Leadership, Productivity

Do you listen to podcasts for business or pleasure?

I didn’t used to, but now I love them.

Podcasts are a great way to gain a new perspective on a current topic – or to take your mind completely off work and recharge.

They are game changers for self-education.

Here Are Seven of My Favorite Business and Personal Podcasts

1. “Founders” with David Senra is one of the all-time great business podcasts.

The speaker reads (and riffs on) a summary he has written of a biography of a great business person or thought leader.

He will read each biography multiple times in prep for the podcast.

Who else voraciously reads biographies in order to plan out his future?

Answer: Elon Musk.

If Elon does, you should too.

2. “How I Built This” with Guy Roz interviewing entrepreneurs who tell their company’s origination story.

They all share the heartache and grind, almost going broke, constant pivoting, and eventually making the breakthrough.

If you check it out, scroll back a few years (or all the way to the beginning) for some fascinating stories from famous entrepreneurs.

It might be eye-opening to pick one and listen to it as a leadership team.

3. “The Ultimate Landscape CEO” by Jeffrey Scott is of course mine.

If you go back to the very beginning, I have a bunch of short mini-podcasts with just me riffing on a topic.

After the lock down a couple years ago I started doing the “interview” style, while adding a couple “just me” in between.

Sometimes I’ll go back and listen to ones from a few years ago, to remember all the great ideas we have shared.

BTW: I have a new twist coming up soon to this podcast, stay tuned for the announcement.

4. “Thoughts on the Market” is powered by Morgan Stanley.

It has a variety of experts talking about economics, stocks, bonds, politics, the Fed, etc.

It keeps me on my toes, and especially helps me understand macro-economic trends.

This podcast was helpful when things were getting wonky during 2020-22.

Check it out if you are interested in learning more about financial economics.

5. “It’s Not The Car” with 3 racing specialists is a brand new one that teaches racing techniques.

After one episode, I have already applied some new techniques.

For example: They claim you should write down the things you learn and want to do different on any given track. It works!

It helps you:

  • Internalize the learning.
  • Remember them next time you go back to that same track.

The same goes for any endeavor, business or pleasure. Keep a journal to write down your experiences and self reflections.

6. “A History of Music in 500 songs” with Andrew Hickey.

This is the most important music project I know.

If you love music and want to know how a certain song (or band) came into existence, you will enjoy this.

I tend to skip around and not go in order. I am less interested in The Temptations or The Monkees, and I am more interested in the history of Jimi Hendrix, The Yardbirds, and The Grateful Dead.

If you listen to this show, tell me your favorite episode.

7. “Rise and Grind” with Daymond John.

This is an older podcast that didn’t last long at all.

But it was fun and you get to know Daymond personally and how humble he is.

One episode he interviewed Barbara Corcoran. Very inspiring to hear how she fought her way to the top as a female entrepreneur in a man’s world.

Your Challenge – Expanding Your Vision of What’s Possible

The top inventors and visionaries throughout history would often study across multiple fields and become (what is now called) a Renaissance Man or Woman.

Just look at Ben Franklin or Thomas Jefferson, or go back further in time and you can see how broadly people used to educate themselves,.

Or read the book, Undaunted Courage, to learn how widely Lewis and Clark had to study to prepare themselves for their westward journey.

Develop a broader set of knowledge

It’s imperative that we all do the same, if we are going to fulfill our potential and become a leader of interest, inspiration and significance.

In some ways we are all inventors, charting a unique course in this world.

Good luck on your journey!

If you have your own favorite podcast not mentioned here, share it with me.


Jeffrey Scott!

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