A Hurricane Can’t Stop Us

Aug 30, 2021 | Management, Strategy

The older I get, the more craziness I experience.

25 years ago I was married, and we went to Martha’s Vineyard for our honeymoon, and then got blown off the island by a hurricane.

15 years later while celebrating my anniversary in the Hamptons, Superstorm Sandy came and made us leave early.

This past weekend, Hurricane Ida visited New Orleans on my 25th anniversary.

Luckily, we were out of town celebrating. And currently, we are in St. Louis running our Summer Growth Summit.

Earlier this month I re-proposed to my wife Corine in Mexico City, asking for another twenty-five years, and she said yes. We commemorated with a ring, which luckily she is wearing now (and didn’t leave in our home in New Orleans).

It could take weeks for the power to return. It’s a big mess.

We will set up shop somewhere for the time being.

A hurricane can't stop us. Plan for tomorrow, while you are enjoying today, because tomorrow will bring all kinds of surprises. Share on X

It Could Always Be Worse

A client of mine was visited by an arsonist last week who burned down his office. A disgruntled employee. OMG.

All companies need a backup plan, and some families do too.

Our love is like a hurricane, so we will survive.

Do you have contingency plans for your business and personal life?

Lawyers will help you with some, and consultants will help you with others, and taking time to talk things through with your team.

It’s called the Beer Truck discussion. What happens if so-and-so were hit by a beer truck. What would you do?

Discuss and write it down. And codify it if it’s the owner who gets run over by the beer truck.

Your Challenge: Plan for tomorrow, while you are enjoying today.

Because tomorrow will bring all kinds of surprises.

You can handle it when you plan ahead.

And next time you see someone in need, even begging for food because they are dealing with their own personal hurricane, offer some kindness.

It will go a long way.