A Personal Story of Challenge, Growth and Overcoming

Apr 16, 2024 | Growth Tips, Leadership, Management

Growth is a Challenge.

It’s very challenging to grow and scale one’s business.

Or one’s personal skills.

It looks easy to an outsider, but it can be stressful and tiring.

I was reminded of that recently when I visited a new (to me) motorsports track: Eagles Canyon Raceway south of Dallas.

A Personal Journey

It is a difficult track for the newcomer: very hilly, curvy and long.

It was all the more difficult because I rented a car (Cayman S) and didn’t have my own.

The Emotions of Struggle

I experienced all the emotions of struggle and failure over that two-day weekend.

The driving coach I hired however is the best in the south. So, my learning curve was steep.

(Though even he was growing frustrated by my inability to “get it”.)

Day One

The first day it took all my effort to try to grasp and visualize the track.

There were times when I ended up in a total fog, forgetting where I was on the track.

Unsure if the next turn was to the left or right. I made many mistakes.

(Driving 80mph and turning the wrong direction on a hilly track is not pretty).

I could swear my coach was rolling his eyes, or perhaps my inner voice was just imagining that??

There is a certain amount of shame that rears its head when you fumble terribly and can’t just “pull it together”.

We ended up skidding off the track once: no crashes, no need for spending the insurance deductible.

In my down time (between runs) I studied the video footage.

I pushed myself to memorize each curve and hill, trying to internalize the rhythm of this track.

Over dinner the coach pulled out the video for the day and showed me the recurring errors and the big opportunities for the next day.

It seemed he also enjoyed poking fun of me, but it was all in good spirits. There is no room for being thin-skinned when you hang with the best.

You can’t stop and whine.

(Photo Caption: My favorite photo of my own car.)


Day Two

With each mess up on track my coach would say “Ok, back at it! Get your head back in the game. Go go go!”

By the middle of day 2, I was passing cars and had at least one guy stop by to say thanks for the car-and-mouse chase.

When I passed him towards the end, I lost him. He couldn’t keep up.

The lesson for the weekend.

The struggle is real, and dangerous even.

The shame however is made up, and not real. It’s in your head.

Don’t stop to feel sorry for yourself.

You have to shake off the missteps and just keep going!

Take time to reflect

Yes, take time to reflect with a coach or someone who can guide you, to help you learn and readjust your strategy.

And if you keep at it, soon others will be following you.

The great winners–in business and in personal endeavors–are those who surround themselves with top people and persevere.

Eventually you will “get it” and enjoy being that leader.

It’s hard earned, and worth it.

Spring is here. It’s go time!

Regards, Jeffrey Scott

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