Meet Jeffrey

A Short History:

Jeffrey was raised in a highly-entrepreneurial environment, with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings and parents excelling as entrepreneurs. Over the dinner table every night as a child, he took part in discussions of the business challenges from that day. Jeffrey’s first paid job was at the age of 7, and he worked in the family business throughout his school years. After earning his engineering degree and MBA, and working as an international business consultant, Jeffrey took over his family’s landscape business at the age of 34. He quickly grew the company into a $10 million enterprise ($15 million in today’s dollars). Under Jeffrey’s leadership and focus to customer service, relationship building and referrals, the business expanded into an umbrella contracting company with a diverse range of services. When Jeffrey left the helm of his thriving family business, it was time to nurture his true passion: Entrepreneurship. He launched his own consulting firm, eager to give back to other entrepreneurs in the contracting world. He knew that many owners hunger for proven methods to speed up and manage their growth—and he knows exactly how to help them.


The leading expert on achieving unprecedented business growth, Jeffrey specializes in building profitable, valuable contracting companies—from the inside out. With decades of experience as an entrepreneur, owner and consultant in the landscape and general contracting industry, he has an inside view of the unique challenges and opportunities faced by his clients.Jeffrey combines the systems thinking and structure from his engineering studies, together with the human resource and financial acumen gained from his MBA, to help his clients rapidly organize and grow their businesses.Jeffrey is known for establishing strong accountability, innovation and financial literacy within organizations. His proprietary systems and programs are customized to enable each client to fast-track their path to a dramatically better business.

Personal Achievements:

Jeffrey is a member of Alan Weiss’ Million Dollar Consultant® Hall of Fame, an elite group of esteemed consultants regarded as global leaders in consulting. He is the author of The Leader’s Edge, The Referral Advantage and Destination Company®. He lives in Connecticut with his wife and three children, where he enjoys the outdoors: snow boarding, mountain biking and hiking with this dog, Aspen. He is known for putting on fun parties and events, including his annual crawfish boil—flying live crawfish all the way from Louisiana to bring a bit of the Cajun lifestyle to his friends and clients in the Northeast.


“Jeffrey holds you accountable. He doesn’t accept less than your best thoughtful effort.
He’s there to help you improve, not to coddle you. The result, we grew 250%, improved profit by 13 points, and I am taking a 4 week vacation with my family this summer!”

Chris Imlach
Swazy & Alexander, MA.