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Whether you’re an emerging entrepreneur or an established business owner, the contracting industry can feel like an obstacle course of economic swings, people challenges, government regulations, technological innovations, weather patterns and ever-present uneducated competition.

These obstacles create tight financial margins, demanding work hours, inadequate cash flow and people development challenges—each time you clear one hurdle, another one seems to take its place. With Jeffrey’s collaborative approach, you can scale every obstacle and be confident you will reach your destination: a highly profitable, valuable contracting business.

Jeffrey Scott can get you to that finish line—faster than you ever thought possible. Here’s why:

Been in your shoes

A veteran of the contracting industry who grew his family business into a multi-million-dollar enterprise, Jeffrey knows the ins and outs of your business. His over four decades of industry knowledge spans everything from sales and service to finance and management. Having worked with hundreds of contractors, he’s seen everything—many times over. Nothing surprises him. As a result, he can quickly give you the answers you need to propel your business to new heights.

Accepts only excellence

With a rare combination of systems thinking, financial expertise, deep industry knowledge, and practical insights, Jeffrey will push you to excel. His optimistic voice inspires consulting and coaching clients to reach their fullest potential. Jeffrey believes anything is possible, and he will makes certain you see the same vision, too. He’s done it all, helping the best get better, and helping others that have stumbled avoid bankruptcy. He knows that inside every company there’s a turbo-charged profit engine just waiting to be turned on and unleashed.

Innovative fresh thinking

Clients often tell Jeffrey they can’t wait to hear what he’s about to say. He comes at their problems from a completely different angle, revealing exceptional solutions. This innovative streak is integral to the way Jeffrey approaches business and life challenges: every question has an answer, and no idea is too far outside the box to consider.

Achieves outstanding results

Jeffrey helps entrepreneurs get laser-like clarity so they can reach their desired outcomes faster. He will tell you it like it is. He’s straightforward and cuts to the chase. If there’s a problem, he points it out. And he does it all with a smile, good-natured humor, and strong rapport with his clients.

True accountability

Jeffrey brings accountability, organization, and resourcefulness to enable you to gain traction and transform your business into a profit-producing engine. He empowers entrepreneurs to address issues without over emotion, in the most effective and responsible way possible. As he puts it, “I connect the dots to help my clients reach their end goals faster and with more fun and profit.”

“The change in our company has been black and white since we hired Jeffrey.”

Bob Drost, Owner
Drost Landscape, MI

Reach out to Jeffrey today to discuss how he can take your contracting business and life to the next level.