Announcing a Free Webinar on January 31 with Robert Marzilli

Jan 25, 2019 | Growth Tips

Enjoy 30 minutes of jam packed strategies on how to scale your business and profitability.

Jeffrey Scott and Bob Marzilli (owner of R.P. Marzilli Landscape Contractor) will discuss what works when it comes to increasing sales margins, securing your finances, staffing a first class leadership team, building your bench, scaling your business… and getting your business to run without you in the day to day.

Register for the webinar here.

BIO: Bob Marzilli (President) of R.P. Marzilli Landscape Contractor. Bob founded R.P. Marzilli in 1985 with the goal of developing the most respected landscape construction firm in New England. It has grown to 200 skilled landscape professionals and a revenue near $40 million. Bob and his wife, Christine have also established the Marzilli Stockbridge Fund, supporting the school and the financial need of students. In 2018 Bob was inducted into the New England Design Hall of Fame.

BIO: Jeffrey Scott, MBA, has worked in the industry for 30+ years and is the leading authority on growth and profit maximization in the landscape industry. He has consulted with over two hundred landscape companies and facilitates the largest global peer group of landscape business owners in the world. Jeffrey is the founder of the Destination Company® culture program, allowing companies to attract and retain the best employees and build their competitive advantage. He has worked with national brands such as Caterpillar, Case equipment, Spring Green, Greenius and LMN software. As a sought-after keynote speaker and author of 3 books, he is invited back year over year to present at the top industry events.

P.S. Bob will be joining me in Boston on February 20th for Scaling Your Landscape Business. The early bird discount will end Sunday, February 3rd. Go to my website and you can find more information on that.