Announcing Special Guest for Webinar #3: Build Your Leadership Dream Team

Sep 18, 2017 | Growth Tips, Webinar

Join Jeffrey Scott on Wednesday, September 27th, for his third webinar, Building Your Leadership Dream Team…So your company runs without you”

We are pleased to announce special guest Seth Kehne, CEO of The Lawn Butler, Knoxville, TN. He will share with you his valuable insights into building resilient, super productive teams.

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#1 July 26: Defining  your role as CEO – Achieving unbelievable success, and have more fun doing it…with special guest, Paul Fraynd, CEO of Sun Valley Landscaping, Omaha.

#2 August 16: Achieving 10X Productivity – The silver bullet for success… with Jay Murray, CEO of TLC and co-founder of Greenius.

#3 September 27: Building Your Leadership Dream Team – So your company runs without you, Jeffrey shows you how to build the ultimate foundation for success … Seth Kehne, CEO of The Lawn Butler, Knoxville, TN.

#4 OCT 25: Growing a Thriving Family Business—For those trying to build a prosperous legacy, because every business is—at it’s heart—a family business full of families. Learn how to tap into that … with a special guest surprise to be announced…

#5 NOV 15: What’s Your 2018 Growth Strategy?—Best practices and proven approaches from Jeffrey Scott … with a special guest surprise to be announced…

#6 DEC 13: The World is Your Oyster—10 Keys to Work/Life Success in 2018 … end the year on an optimistic and life-enhancing note! …

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The main sponsor for this webinar series is GREENIUS by L.S.Training. Also sponsored by Landscape Management magazine and Muir & Associates