Are You Coming To Landscapes/GIE+Expo In Louisville?

Sep 26, 2017 | Growth Tips

To maximize the value of your visit to this conference, or any tradeshow, read my article to learn 11 tips to maximize your time and money spent going to conferences.

If you are coming to this great conference (the biggest landscape show on earth!), here are 7 opportunities for us to connect, and for you to learn and grow:

  1. Join my“Effective CEO/COO Partnership”conference, Tuesday at 2pm, on the power of collaborative leadership. Three very successful CEO/COOs will be my guest speakers. More info here.
  2. Attend my Design-Build workshop, Wednesday afternoon;you will learn case studies, approaches, mindsets and systems designed to help you run a much more profitable design/build business.
  3. Thursday’s Breakfast with Champions, join me to learn how to Hire a COO or GM for your Business”
  4. Thursday evening, I am holding an invite-only Owners Networking Dinner. Seats are hard to come by (like a U2 concert at a small venue) so if you want to get on the coveted list, email me.
  5. Thursday’s Breakfast with Champions, join me to learn how to achieve 20% Net Profit”
  6. To set up time to meet with me in Louisville, to discuss your business…or my coaching program for high achievers…or my Leader’s Edge peer group for landscape and irrigation professionals…you can reserve a time on my schedule, go here. Or email me directly.
  7. Don’t forget to see the live concerts, enjoy the networking at the Blu Bar at the Marriott, and take advantage of all the great networking and education! The Muhammad Alimuseum is fabulous and fun!!

See you in Louisville!