Are You Driven? Want To Test Your Limits?

Jun 10, 2019 | Growth Tips

When you grow fast, you run tight on cash and resources. That’s not fun.

When you drive fast especially around a turn, your tires squeal, and you may drift sideways.

That is fun…or CAN BE when you know what you are doing.

To have fun, and learn about driving fast and growing fast, I am inviting 16 driven landscape entrepreneurs to join me at the track for 1.5 days of excitement.

You will test your limits, and then we will discuss and apply the lessons of the track to your business.

We have quality registrants: successful business owners ranging from $3M to $20M++

Are you driven to grow, and go fast?

Would you like to join me to learn how, and have crazy fun?

Go here for more info. Limited to 16 people.