Are You Held Back by a Start-Up Mindset?

Aug 22, 2017 | Growth Tips

From a young age, surrounded by many successful family entrepreneurs, I learned that persistence and hard work were keys to entrepreneurial success. Being an entrepreneur is not easy. It requires a constant rethinking of one’s original idea, and reinventing of one self and one’s company.

When you are in the start up phase, this mindset of “do what ever it takes” is the backbone of your success.

But you reach a point where you need to change from a Start-Up to a Growth Mindset, where you let others share in the control and execution of the business. At this point, you have to turn off your original quirk (stubbornness to a fault) and you have to significantly raise your trust levels. You must broaden your definition of success to include the growth of your organization, and the success that others achieve.

You can no longer run on gut instinct alone; you have to create a compelling vision, and articulate it so clearly and openly, that your team can reflect on it, share their dreams, and help you craft a shared vision. It takes courage to express your biggest dreams out loud and stay focused to them with the fortitude of Elon Musk

By letting others lead, it will allow you to enjoy your free time without guilt, and it will allow you to work on new business opportunities while others run the current operations.

As Marshall Goldsmith points out, What got you here, won’t get you there.

Jeffrey’s Breakthrough Question: What initial characteristics helped you succeed early on, that are now getting in the way of your next leg on the journey?

Take time to reflect on what’s working, and what needs to change. (See my video below for help on that.)