Are You Using Technology To Create A Competitive Advantage!


Are you using technology to create a competitive advantage? If not, you will get passed by your competition, eventually. I guarantee it!

Join me for our FREE Contractor Conversation Webinar Series, this Wednesday, February 7 @ 1pm, EST:

Scale Your Landscape Business with Technology and Innovation.

Featuring 4 powerful leaders and disruptors in the green industry: Hunt Davis, Mark Bradley, Kelly Dowell and Greg Wildeboer.

You can listen 3 ways: On your computer, on your phone, or at a later date because we send everyone the recording afterwards.

Feb. 7: 1-2:15 p.m. ET

  • Hunt Davis, CEO, Canopy Lawn Care, NC
  • Mark Bradley, CEO, TBG and LMN
  • Kelly Dowell, Business Developer, Dowco Enterprises, MO
  • Greg Wildeboer, Owner & CEO, Whispering Pines Landscaping, Ontario

These leaders are on the leading edge of technology. What they share will change how you think about operating and growing your business.

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