Are Your Company Parties Having Enough Impact?

May 31, 2017 | Growth Tips

Most companies have parties, but do they have the transformational impact that you would hope for?

Here are key ingredients for a good team-building party or event:

  • Mixing between the departments
  • Doing fun activities so your people are connecting on a personal and emotional level
  • Strengthening the relationships between employees (It is the #1 way to bolster employee retention)
  • Increasing the relationship with the boss, seeing her or him as a real person, ideally serving the crowd in some form or fashion
  • Ensuring a significant per cent of employees show up

Every Sunday before Memorial Day my family holds a crawfish boil, flying up around 80 pounds of live crawdads from Louisiana, and feeding a large group of friends, neighbors and family here in CT. The first time only a few people showed up and even fewer tried the crawfish. After 7 years we get a large diverse crowd and now all the crawfish gets eaten (and we have doubled the amount of crawfish boiled.)

For your parties to be effective make sure your employees can count on you—just like you count on them during the year. Hold frequent events and you will see a strong return on investment. It’s the small things that will retain your employees and increase the company spirit and productivity.

How impactful are your events? If you do something that is highly effective, send me an email and share.

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