Become Your Employees Favorite Radio Station

May 14, 2024 | Employees, Growth Tips, Management

There seems to be a flood of bad news lately. During this election cycle there will be even more.

You need to inoculate your team from any distractions.

Since you can’t block out the negative news–all you can do is offer a better, stronger alternative.

Your team needs a constant source of constructive and believable news.

If you have watched my videos you have heard me talk about becoming a radio station for your employees.

Many of you have told me this advice has been extremely helpful, so here is a replay on why it’s so critical and how to implement it.

Why it’s important:

  • Social media is full of conspiracy theories, political potshots and fake news that can distract and shake one’s faith.
  • The news outlets fight for eyeballs by using headlines that scare and create fear.
  • Your team’s lack of knowledge at work can create additional fear of the unknown.

The good news:

You can solve all this and greatly empower and excite your team. Here is how.

Nine ways to become your employee’s favorite radio station:

  1. Be on the air every day; don’t let a vacuum get filled by nonsense.
  2. Use a variety of ways to communicate video, email, or group text. Get creative by using them all. Mix fun and serious.
  3. Share the communication duties among all the leaders of your team. A good radio station always has different announcers. Too much of one announcer can get boring.
  4. Share facts and figures about how you are doing. People would rather know the truth than have to guess. And their guesses are usually slightly or terribly wrong.
  5. Keep future focused plans on track, and share updates. (Are you experimenting with automowers? Keep on that plan, and tell us how it’s going)
  6. Describe the sacrifices you are making when relevant, in line with what you are asking of your team.
  7. Share the new goals and protocols you have set for productivity, and tell them why it’s important.
  8. After your weekly leader’s meeting, share a few relevant decisions / discussions with your team. They have seen you meet behind closed doors and always wondered and even worried about what you discussed. So tell them!
  9. Emphasize your staff’s most important radio station WIIFM (“What’s in it for me”.) Let them know how all this impacts them, and ultimately helps them. Connect the dots for them.

Your challenge: Communicate more, even when you have less time.

When owners and leaders are super busy, they tend to communicate just enough to keep things moving.

Yet poor communication is the biggest issue I am asked to solve by employees, when I am brought in for consulting.

The true proactive leaders out there understand that communication is their main job.

So treat your entire team as your inner circle, and they will begin to step up and act like it.

Of course, you do have to parse out certain information carefully, so have different reports for different groups as you grow larger.

Give out trust and respect to all, and you will get it back in abundance.

Regards, Jeffrey Scott!