What Keeps You Awake At Night?

man kept awake at night

Do you ever have trouble sleeping because certain issues in your business are keeping you up at night? Have you ever thought about getting up in the middle of the night to get it all done, because so much is landing on your plate? It’s not uncommon for entrepreneurs and business owners to spend time …

Poach or Be Poached?

Young male constructor worker in orange hardhat thinking with one arm crossed and the other on his chin

A recurring question that you face—and one that I am asked occasionally—is it okay to poach employees? And/or what should I do when someone is poaching my employees? First off, when someone offers one of your better employees $10k more and they leave, either they were unhappy with you, or you were underpaying them, or …

Self Awareness is the Silver Bullet to Professional Growth

man look at himself in the mirror

A few weeks back I gave a lecture to a packed room at the Green Industry Expo in Louisville on the topic of “Benchmarking for Profit”. The audience learned my seven key performance indicators that you must benchmark (measure and manage) in order to improve your company’s performance. Some of the benchmarks were as expected, …

Transition Your Company From Founder-Led to Founder-Inspired

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At some point in the growth of your lawn or landscape company, you will want to focus your attention on new things. You may be bored with your current role, or you have personal or professional passions you want to follow. Are you ready to make a change? It is hard to make that transition, from leading the …

Finish Your Financial Year Strong With 12 Practical Ideas


“Starting strong is good. Finishing strong is epic.” – Robin Sharma Your performance in this final quarter of the year will have an oversized impact on your year-end profits. In fact, it’s so important, that you should be reminded of it and think about it every year at this time.  The question you should ask …

20 Hour Work Week Challenge

boat on open water by an island

Do you work full time, or are you able to take time off –– and diversify your interests? I am currently working with a seasoned but young business owner who has moved his family overseas to live in the promised land. I am coaching his GM and working with his team; he works an hour …

Are you going to GIE + Expo / Landscapes in Louisville?


If you’re coming to the biggest landscape show on earth, the week of October 15th, you won’t be disappointed! Here are 7 opportunities for you to connect with me at this event, and for you to gain more from your visit! Plus there is one extra resource at the very end of this post, that you’ll want …

The Race Is On! But Will YOU Win?


Wouldn’t you love to learn how to raise the competitive spirit of your team? Last week we did just that, with a select group of landscape and irrigation business owners at my Driven To Win event, held at BMW’s high-performance racetrack in S.C.  It was unique and exhilarating; not your typical landscape conference! Here are 6 …