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11 tips to maximize your time and money spent going to conferences.


1. MAKE FRIENDS FIRST. I have found that it is important to make new contacts you can talk to after the show is over. Sometimes a show can be overwhelming and you can’t take it all in, but if you make new friends, you can do both: learn from people at the show, and learn …

Irrigation Peer Group Meeting


  Congrats guys on another great IRRIGATION LEADERS peer group. Hosted by Aaron Katerberg, We enjoyed his cabin on the lake, discussing the next 10 years and how to prepare for continued success!Joined by Blair List, Ethan Dykstra, Brian Resnick, Bruce Lively, Trevor Lively CIC, CIT, CCC, Harry Hutten, Ryan Jardine, Kelly Rozansky, Shawn Edwards, …

Fourteen Strategies to Drive Profit By Finishing The Year Strong


Your performance in this final quarter of the year will have a oversized impact on how much net profit your company earns. Weekly Throughput: The main driver of net profit in the fourth quarter is measured by your company’s Weekly Throughput i.e. the amount of billable production work your company can produce (“put through”) each …