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Typical Results

Jeffrey Scott’s clients are diverse, spanning nearly every subset of the contracting industry. However, they all share two things in common.

  1. They come to Jeffrey with a business opportunity or challenge.
  2. Jeffrey has dramatically improved their companies, grown their bottom lines, and made their businesses more valuable. He brings the fun back to business.


Some of Jeffrey’s clients come to him because their organizations have hit a growth or profit ceiling. Others face more specific opportunities, such as building a better team, preparing a company for transition, or developing improved systems and procedures. For many clients, solving these challenges requires a simultaneous fine tuning of their financial strategy, in order to fund the operational changes and improvements.

No matter the situation, Jeffrey will develop a customized plan to identify underlying issues and find powerful solutions.

Here are some of Jeffrey’s typical client results:

  • Dramatically increased the profit by 10 percentage points, and sales by 100%, of a $10MM installation and maintenance company
  • Established financial accountability in a $5MM co. by teaching management to operate by the numbers
  • Dramatically built the resale value by 2X of a mixed services business
  • Transformed an employee culture of a $15MM firm from stale and dying, to fresh, dynamic forward-driving
  • Developed an owner-independent operations of a $5MM, so the owner could take time off in summer and winter, and work short weeks throughout the year, while helping the company continue to grow
  • Put a highly effective, autonomous team in place to increase the productivity and salability of a midsize $2MM firm
  • Increased uninterrupted free time for company owner of a $1MM firm
  • Boosted sales growth by 50% after the business hit a revenue ceiling and had started to decline
  • Greatly increased the owner’s personal income 100% through improved cash management and profit strategies
  • Implemented a powerful transition plan for family business, protecting the legacy and ensuring financial stability.
  • Unleashed a strong proud community legacy of a business and its owners.
  • Reinvigorated company culture of a $3MM (now $7MM) with a fresh, innovative perspective on the business

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“Jeffrey challenges me to do better, and doesn’t settle for less than excellence.”

Paul Fraynd, CEO
Sun Valley Landscaping, NE