Written Testimonials

“I think success happens when you are doing what you love and you find a way to share your passion with others in a way that lifts them up. In growing a company this could be through training and promoting your staff, this could be in the ability to give back to your community through raising profits and this could be in creating a product that brings satisfaction and deep enjoyment to your clients. I have been fortunate to help build a system that participates in doing all three and that is success in eyes.”

Chris Cotoia
Executive Landscaping, South Yarmouth, MA

“Jeffrey challenges you to find new solutions to old problems that will work for you. He provokes you to think for yourself and teaches you to use simple logic to solve issues. He provides vast knowledge and proprietary tools that enable you to move your business to a higher level.”

Loriena Harrington
Beautiful Blooms Landscape & Design, WI

“Jeffrey is committed, forward-thinking, accessible, financially knowledgeable, and sincere.”

Jay Townsend
J. W. Townsend Landscapes, VA

“Jeffery is an exceptional results driven individual. Our business has benefited from his approach to accountability and issue driven topics. Jeffery gets to the core of your biggest issues and works with you to find solutions and see them through. His insight on management, finance, H.R., and marketing has been a great benefit to our business.”

Scott Frampton, Owner
Landscape Renovations, MN

“Jeffrey carefully mapped out an approach to improve my business and then relentlessly pursued it. He has deep knowledge of the industry and general business fundamentals.”

Mark Fockele, Managing Partner, Fockele Garden Company, GA

“Wish we worked with Jeffrey 10 years ago, glad we pulled the trigger and did it now!”

Paul Reder, CEO
Reder Landscaping, MI

“Jeffrey challenges me to do better, and doesn’t settle for less than excellence.”

Paul Fraynd, CEO
Sun Valley Landscaping, NE

“With Jeffery’s help I have been able to greatly improve my bottom line and make much better decisions. We grew sales 250% and our profits have jumped 10-fold!”

Brent Nienhuis
Blue Ridge Landscaping, MI

“While there are myriad factors to our success in life, Jeffrey’s peer group, and specifically Jeffrey Scott himself, has made the single most significant impact for us. We doubled revenue and our profits are on track to hit 22%. Thank you for what you do and how you do it.”

Terry Collins
TJ Collins Landscaping, MA

“Jeffrey has been an excellent consultant to my business. He has led me through difficult times, shown me the light at the end of the tunnel and guided me to the best results possible. Jeffrey is direct, expecting and punctual. He keeps my head to the task and is relentless in the pursuit of his client’s success. I would recommend Jeffrey in a heartbeat.”

Mike Kukol
Horizon Landscapes, NJ