Consulting with Jeffrey Scott provides you with that roadmap.


All successful lawn and landscaping companies utilize a roadmap that includes a compelling vision of what their business will achieve. But it requires more than that. 

You need a detailed roadmap

that outlines the specific path to take you from where you are today to where you want to be tomorrow.

It's a real plan that is very actionable

Think of it like a “comprehensive landscape design with construction details and work flow.” It’s more than just a pretty picture.

Accomplish your biggest dreams

When you invest in consulting, we’ll create this roadmap together with your team so you can accomplish your biggest dreams without everything falling on your shoulders.


You will achieve goals you never thought possible:

Unleash your company's growth potential

by prioritizing the many opportunities so you attack the most important ones first, and by identifying the organizational structure that will allow for optimal results.

Create a better sales team

with clear targets, effective pay plans and streamlined processes to hit stretch sales goals and sell at enviable margins.

Organize your operations

by setting up your crews, supervisors and production managers for maximum efficiency and optimum throughput achievement.

Top grade your team

by identifying who is under utilized, who is in the wrong seats, and which gaps need to be filled first to achieve your vision.

Increase your net profit margin

by strategically changing the mix of services and improving the pricing of specific services, along with other systems we will implement.

Improve your take home pay

and that of your team’s using win-win incentives for an all-around higher financial result.

Utilize unique growth strategies

like acquisitions, new division start ups and hiring of super A-players to jump the company to the next level.

Staffing for growth

by becoming a Destination Company® and all that entails to retain, attract and develop the very best employees in your region.

Free up your time

by implementing better delegation strategies and accountability systems, so your managers aren’t stuck in the weeds and you can pull away from the day to day. This can include creating a true employee-led business.

Become a better leader

by giving you the tools to steer your team with more accountability and inspiration to a higher level.


After you work with us to develop your roadmap, you have two choices:

  1. Take the roadmap and run with it!
    Implement the strategies on your own and see your business grow.
  2. Get help with implementation.
    Through coaching, you can work with me to receive ongoing accountability and tools to support a speedy implementation of your roadmap. As your coach, I become part of your team and am invested in the success of your business

Ready to jumpstart the next phase of growth for your landscape business?

Don’t let another day go by. Let’s create your company’s roadmap now.