A roadmap to attract, motivate and retain great employees—by building a great company!

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To build a successful company in this current job market, you must focus the majority of your energies internally, in order to build an enterprise where good employees want to plant and grow a career. When you do this, recruiting becomes easier.

This is a critical game plan for companies small and large.

Any size company can create a Destination Company® environment and win the recruiting, hiring and employee development game.

It all starts by having the right Destination Company® mindset.

This free ebook will show you what to do, and how to do it—and how to encourage high productivity from your staff so everyone wins. It will become your competitive advantage!

A Destination Company® is built on the following 7 pillars


Vision is an Action Verb.


Creating A Culture of Excellence


Treating Recruiting like Marketing & Sales


Values-Based Hiring & Managing


People Systems First, Then Production Systems – A Roadmap to Success


Shared Leadership


Creating an Ownership Culture

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About the Author

The leading expert on achieving unprecedented business growth, Jeffrey specializes in building profitable, valuable contracting companies—from the inside out. With decades of experience as an entrepreneur, owner and consultant in the landscape and general contracting industry, he has an inside view of the unique challenges and opportunities faced by his clients.

Jeffrey combines the systems thinking and structure from his engineering studies, together with the human resource and financial acumen gained from his MBA, to help his clients rapidly organize and grow their businesses.

Jeffrey is known for establishing strong accountability, innovation and financial literacy within organizations. His proprietary systems and programs are customized to enable each client to fast-track their path to a dramatically better business.