Develop “Sticky” Services, the Mariani way

Apr 18, 2023 | client, Employee Retention, Employees, Growth Tips, Leadership, Management, Peer Groups

Last week I shared two things that Mariani does uniquely well.

Here is the third thing they do uniquely well: Selling “premium specialty services” which helps to keep their clients “sticking” around.

Below are 3 examples, plus I explain “what it means for you.”

It’s a brilliant strategy, and one that you can copy.

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Mariani’s Premium Specialty Services.

It’s not enough to do a great job serving your clients with commoditized landscape services.

It helps to find opportunities for additional services that go above and beyond your competition.

Mariani does this well.


Mariani responded to their clients need for this specialty service.

Frank Mariani recognized the need and saw the opportunity to go big in this service.

He purchased the Rose Acres business and merged the service into Mariani, to make it a standard offering for clients.

They now offer a dedicated rose care program (16 visits per season – fertilization, pest control, pruning, dead heading, etc.)

What it means to you.If you were a client of Mariani, and loved your roses, it would be hard to leave them for a cheaper competitor knowing that they are taking good care of your babies i.e. your roses.</>

<>Your clients need that same kind of deep connection with your company; make it painful for them to leave you and switch companies, and you will enjoy a client for life.</>


This is a nearly 10M business on its own, built by offering clients personalized 4-season solutions expertly designed and installed by Mariani’s Garden team.

While any landscape company can offer this, most do not do this well. Or at least do it on this scale.

What it means to you: <>Give your clients multiple reasons to make it hard to leave you. And boost your profit margins doing so.</>

Example 3 is “AUTO MOWERS”

Mariani has decided to be a pioneer of this technology, which offers clients a great many benefits while being better for the environment.

Mariani has over 300 automowers installed and are adding more to the program each week.

What it means to you: <>Listen intently to your clients’ needs, even when they can’t articulate them. </>

<>If you can predict what your clients want and need, and then find a way to give it to them, you will prosper. </>

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Your Challenge: Develop “sticky” services that boost client retention

To develop sticky services, it is critical that you get out of the day-to-day, and work “on” the business and “on” your client relationships.

A great place to start is by running a client advisory focus group.

I did this back in the day, and it was fantastic for helping me see my business through my clients eyes.

Invite a small group of comprehensive clients and engage them in a conversation of what you do well and where you can improve.

Pick clients who use most all your services, to get the most out of this.

Running a focus group like this will make you a better leader:

  • As a mentor to your leaders
  • As a marketer of your company
  • As a developer of new services

Developing sticky services will allow you to grow faster and stronger!

Regards, Jeffrey Scott

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