Do You Have a Driven Personality?

Mar 26, 2019 | Growth Tips

Do you or your boss have a “driven” personality? I recently read a little known book on this personality type. (Only 40 reviews on Amazon, but a true find).

It speaks to many entrepreneurs: people who are so driven by adrenaline, big goals, and winning, that they don’t know what to do in times of calm, or how to create calm.

These overly driven types have some commonalities, according to the author. Driven people may…

  • Create a crisis where none exists, because they love the fight. Hence you will see top performers learning to meditate, to learn how to harness their calm spirit.
  • Lose their way after they achieve their ‘big hariy’ goal. Hence they need to keep resetting their goals.
  • Not feel understood by the average Joe or Jane. Hence they search out their own wolf packs (and that is what I provide with my peer groups!!)

Being driven is a gift, but you need to create balance within your business by hiring people who complement your personality.

The high adrenaline leaders need some calm (less ambitious) people surrounding them, like a wing on the back of a high speed car, keeping its wheels snug on the road for maximum traction.

And vice versa: If you are an overly calm leader, you need a few risk takers on your team to power you forward.

Your challenge: Know thyself, and hire and empower your complements.