Do you need a better strategy or more accountability?

Jan 1, 2019 | Growth Tips

Good Morning and Welcome to 2019!

I recently spoke with a business owner from the west coast who was excellent at implementation, very disciplined, but he said he lacked the proper strategy that would allow his company to hit its growth goals.

He had hired one of those process-based coaching firms to help him grow the value of his business, but he was not obtaining the results he wanted. He needed a better strategy.

I also meet companies that tell me the opposite: they think they know what to do, but they lack the accountability to stay focused and follow through on their ideas.

Which do you need more of in 2019? A better strategy or more accountability?

Often, I find that there is a third ingredient missing: a clear understanding of the tough decisions that need to get made.

The New Year is a time to make resolutions; but to reach true success in 2019, you will want more than a bottle of champagne and a list of good intentions.

Try this three-part recipe: 1) the right strategy, 2) with accountability to see it through, 3) and clarity and fortitude to make the tough decisions. Use all three and you will enjoy a better year with no hangover.

From my house to yours, I wish you a year of continued growth, health, and happiness—topped off with a dollop of good fortune!

Regards, Jeffrey Scott!

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