Embrace The Chaos

Aug 8, 2017 | Growth Tips

A few weeks back I was retelling the story of Jeff Ronhaar and how he spectacularly turned around his company in short order, enjoying immense breakthroughs in profits and morale…

He did this by embracing the chaos, and creating sweet lemonade out of lemons.

For entrepreneurs focused on growth there will always be chaos to deal with; some of it is good chaos, and some is bad. I have identified…

4 Types of Chaos

Internal, Reactive – e.g. Personnel issues, people quitting, theft, vehicle accidents, employees messing up with clients.

Internal, Opportunistic – e.g. Employee and process stress due to changes in software, moving around people into their right seats, production being pushed by a sales surge.

External, Reactive – e.g. Competitors winning away clients, vendors messing up, road closures, weather changes.

External, Opportunistic  – e.g. Disruptions and changes in technology that you can implement in your business, changes in regulations, etc.

My point is, there is always some form of chaos in business. Your job is to deal with and minimize the bad chaos, and welcome the opportunities and exploit the disruptions.

Jeff Ronhaar embraces the chaos. Within a few months of working with him, he experienced two major hiccups: he lost a large client (equaling a third of his business) and he was forced to leave his property. He looked at this as an opportunity, fired a few more clients, and trimmed his staff of C players. He promptly added $400,000 (!) of profit and catapulted morale. His jump in profit has allowed him to establish stronger benefits and build a new facility that is helping him become a true Destination Company®.

Jeffrey’s Breakthrough Idea: Growth-minded leaders train their brains to deal with chaos. They have a competitive advantage because their teams develop a positive mindfulness, collaborate better, navigate stress more effectively, and are able to sustain high performance.

Take action: How can you preempt the bad chaos and guide your organization to embrace opportunistic chaos? Is your mindset ready to embrace the chaos?