Employing the “Beginner’s Mindset” in Your Business — Keeps it fresh, relevant and growing.

Jun 11, 2024 | friendship, Growth Tips, Leadership

This past week I wrapped up our spring vacation in The Netherlands. It’s where I met my wife.

We traveled there for her family reunion.

My wife set up the reunion so she could visit ALL her Dutch family in just one weekend. Smart!

Unplugging overseas.

I personally enjoy traveling overseas, It allows me to unplug and clear my mind.

Holland is an inspirational country to unplug. They are excellent gardeners, horticulturalists and business people–and great at innovation.

The Dutch have a keen eye when it comes to innovation.

Here are some examples of Dutch innovation, with photos.

The original Dutch innovation is the windmill. This one used a thatch roof to keep it insulated.

Our airbnb was in a crowded Dutch neighborhood.

They used an “espalier” instead of a hedgerow to block out the neighbors (and the wind.) Espalier is the art, or process, of controlling plant growth in a flat plane, usually against a wall or fence, or along a trellis.

We saw many homes in the area using this technique.

The Dutch make room for bikes, by converting two-way streets into a one way road, leaving room for dual bike lanes.

Notice the cars parking on the sidewalk.

The bikes and e-bikes go fast, so you have to keep your head on a swivel when walking near them.

Everywhere you see tiny cars used for city driving, like this mini Peugeot. Gas is expensive and the roads are tight.

We were staying in a wealthy area, so we also saw a lot of Porsches.

Here’s a photo of the house and garden where we held the reunion. Notice the square pruning and the brand-new thatched roof – which is not cheap.

This is not an innovation per se, but it certainly shows the beautiful gardening and historic architecture.

While hiking we saw many gates built on a slant; this way they always swing closed, keeping the cows contained.

Here is a photo of me with my brother-in-law – enjoying a Cuban cigar before the festivities begin.

Typical Dutch food, tea and sandwiches on brown bread. (Later we brought out the typical Belgian beer 😉

My son Michael (who lives in Berlin) took the train in and joined us.

Your Challenge – Keeping a fresh eye on your business.

Success can breed contentment. After a while we tend to think “our way” is the best way, because it works.

Have you ever felt that?

Like the Dutch, you have to be able to employ the “beginners mindset”, engaging your business environment with a fresh perspective.

This is critical for continued growth, especially after you have overcome adversity and experienced success in your business/life.

Continued success takes new thinking

To gain a fresh perspective, it helps to unplug from work, and immerse yourself in new environments.

I try to do this a few times a year, to clear my head and allow new ideas to come in and flourish.

How about you?

Regards, Jeffrey Scott!

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