Episode #160 – Building An Effective Sales Team with Paul Reder

Jul 30, 2020 | Podcast Series: The Ultimate Landscape CEO

Paul Reder is the President, CFO, and Marketing Manager of Reder Landscaping.

He owns this business along with his two brothers, Dave and Mike. He started working for the business as a teenager back in the seventies, mowing lawns and working the nursery. The big lesson they all learned from their dad, Walt Reder Sr., was to never cut any corners. That work ethic has made the difference and allowed them to keep growing and succeeding during challenging times over the years.

Reder Landscaping today is made up of 60% D/B and 40% maintenance and snow. Jeffrey and Paul discuss how he has been able to grow his sales team, and thus his company, and diversify their business mix by growing maintenance and enhancement sales. They employ up to 80 people during peak season and have a huge depth of talent.