Episode #164 – Two Brothers Grow Residential Firm To $30M and 6 Branches with Kevin McHale

Jeffrey Scott and podcast guest

Kevin McHale is the President and co-owner of McHale Landscape Design, MD.

He started the business with his brother 40 years ago. Now, it is a $30M residential business with 300 employees spread over 6 locations.

McHale’s business is  unique for three reasons:

  • A strong branch network all focused on residential work
  • Ample in-house crews in carpentry and hardscape including home building
  • A very employee-centric culture with well-represented female leadership and high employee retention

Jeffrey Scott and Kevin discuss how McHale built his success and how others can compete against firms like his. Plus, tune in to hear the innovative moves Kevin has made with his company to be proactive as the industry evolves.

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