Episode #170 – Using Throughput To Drive Profitability, with 3 Special Guests

Mar 11, 2021 | Podcast Series: The Ultimate Landscape CEO

Making high profit requires more than achieving solid gross profit margins, it means gaining the most profit you can from each hour of your production staff’s labor.

Jeffrey has been a student of this concept for years and has brought together two high-performing clients to discuss this approach: Doug Taylor (Owner of Frontiers Design & Build, Ontario) and Chris DiStefano (Owner of DiStefano Landscaping, Vermont.) They share their experiences and successes growing their bottom line by focusing on Throughput.

Also joining this conversation is a third guest, Jon Bowman, VP Operations of Coastal Source, who shares his company’s unique approach to selling audio and lighting products that are both high quality and highly efficient to install (thus high throughput.)

This conversation is a master class on how to steer your company to better profits and growth using throughput as a guiding metric.