Episode #173 – The Triple Threat of Process, Culture and Client Focus with Jeff Rossen

May 13, 2021 | Podcast Series: The Ultimate Landscape CEO

Jeff Rossen is the majority owner of Rossen Landscape, an $8 million firm specializing in high-end residential design, construction and maintenance.

It is 100% focused on developing a culture and processes that result in loyal clients in the affluent Great Falls, Virginia, market, a short drive from Washington D.C.

Jeff Rossen, President, and CEO, drives the long-term vision and business development efforts. He runs the company with longtime friend and partner Jason Navon. Together with their team, they are leveraging innovative processes and a passion for employee and client delight to help them achieve their goal of $20M and a stellar reputation.

Jeffrey Scott, no stranger to the high end, discusses with Rossen his journey and passions including sustainability and culture.