The Power of Collaborative Leadership between CEOs, COOs and Division Leaders

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Unleash your company’s full potential by upgrading your role as Owner/CEO and helping your right-hand men and women (key leaders) develop their roles as chief operating officer, general manager and division leaders. Learn how to create transparency and accountability on your team and throughout your organization-–while freeing up your time as owner.
Join Jeffrey and 5 highly successful landscape owners/executives as they share their secrets for building extremely effective leadership teams, and the structures and systems they have implemented to dramatically grow their businesses.
Register your “key leaders” for this event, and together you will learn what each needs from the other person in order to foster massive business growth. One ticket per attendee.
Early bird discount saves you $200 per ticket. Email my office for the “4 for 3” discount, and you can bring your team and grow together.


1. Five landscape Owners/Execs

speak about their company’s structure and growth strategy. They will unveil the tools and stories behind their executive leadership (CEOs, COOs, GMs, Division Leaders) and how they built and operate their companies. You will come away with best practices, mistakes to avoid, and insights on what your next level of growth looks like.

2. Jeffrey Scott

shares tools and latest thinking for creating dynamic, collaborative leadership needed to succeed in the future.

3. Panel Discussion & Q&A

with 5 owners/execs

4. Breakout Discussions

in small groups to meet your peers and share ideas and learning points.

5. Virtual Facility Tour

of Texas based Southern Botanical (it’s super inspiring!!!!)


Cocktail Zoom after the event at 6pm with Jeffrey Scott and 1-2 of the Guest Speakers


You will receive different organizational charts that work, with practical tips on how to better utilize your org charts at your own company.


You will receive a Collaboration Scorecard to assess how well the owner and second in command are working together.


You will receive Accountability Agreements template to set up between owners and their second in command.

Who Should Attend


Owners who attend will learn how to hand off responsibilities, nurture other leaders, and grow into the role of visionary and hyper effective CEO/Leaders. 

Key employees

Key employees who attend (Division Leaders, GMs, COOs, Operational Leaders) will learn where to improve themselves and the skills they need to master.

Both sides

Both sides (owners and employees) will learn how to work together with more mutual trust, efficiency and respect for each other’s roles.


Confidence that you are implementing the right organizational structures for your company, to keep you growing strong into the future.
More clarity at the top, knowing what each leadership position should be doing as a priority to achieve future goals.
Increased speed of execution, by implementing an “accountability agreement” between the owner and their seconds-in-command, (or COO and Divisions Managers) so each stay in their lane.
Access to 6 of our industry’s top entrepreneurs, and their proven ideas and inspirational stories–Get charged up to kick butt in 2021!
Improved transparency and accountability throughout your organization; from the leadership team down to the divisions, salespeople and crews.
Insight into acquisitions vs organic growth, what works, what doesn’t, when is the right time to buy. Our speakers have a lot of experience.
Methods for driving developmental growth of your people, and sales growth in your marketplace.
Network and share your learning with like-minded peers in our industry.
Get inspired by a Virtual Tour of Southern Botanical in TX, a 25M company–catch their vision!


Jeffrey Scott

Jeffrey Scott has worked with hundreds of landscape companies across the continent to develop the best organizational structures and strategies needed to meet and beat their business goals. He is the leader in executive thinking in the landscape industry.

Jason Craven

Jason Craven, founded Southern Botanical in Dallas, TX in 1995. Southern Botanical is recognized as a Top 100 Company, with 280+ employees. Jason has built a small highly effective leadership team that allows the company to keep innovating and growing no matter the challenges. This allows Jason to focus on the big picture and also spend ample time in the field, while his leaders run all day-to-day operations.

George Tucker

George Tucker, owner of LanDesign in MO, founded in 2002. It is one of the most progressive, well-known green industry businesses in the St. Louis region specializing in commercial and residential landscape projects with a services arm and a new irrigation division. George has hired a CEO and a COO to run the business, and with a deep leadership bench they are capable of complex projects like renovation of the St Louis Arch facility.

Brent Pollard

Brent Pollard, CEO of LanDesign in MO, leads all of LanDesign’s supporting companies: LanDesignPlus, Automatic Rain and Our Yard. With his background in business leadership and strategic growth, Brent is well position to oversee the operations, profitability and fast growth of the businesses.

Bob Drost

Bob Drost, founder of Drost Landscape in MI, has been reinventing landscaping since the company was founded in 1991. Through acquisitions, focused customer service, diversification, and a deep bench of leaders and a General Manager, Drost has grown into the absolute leader in its market, on a journey from 5 to 15M over the past few years.

Dale Drier

Dale Drier, General Manager for Drost Landscape. Dale began as a laborer and grew from crew lead to General Manager at Drost implementing innovative management techniques and a quiet leadership style to underpin Drost’s growth. He has solidified the Drost team while mentoring a deep bench.


10:00AM ET – Welcome & Ten secrets to Increase collaboration and growth by Jeffrey Scott
10:30AM – Owner & CEO: George Tucker (Owner) and his CEO (Brent Pollard) share insights from past and future strategies as they grow from 10 to 20M
11:10AM – CEO & COO/GM: Bob Drost (Owner, CEO) and his long time GM (Dale Drier) share their journey from 5 to 15M, their recent growth strategies and organizational decisions and tools they use to manage and continue their dominance in their market.
11:50AM – CEO & Div Leaders: Jason Craven owner of Southern Botanical, shares how he built his unique organizational structure with Division Leaders growing from from 5M to 25M, and how he plans to double it again to 50M
12:30PM – Lunch – All attendees will lunch together in small virtual breakouts
1:15PM – Virtual Tour of Southern Botanical from TX, Summary of key points
1:45PM – PANEL Discussion and Q&A with all 3 Owners
2:45PM – Small group networking, “applying the lessons to your company”
3:15PM – Closing by Jeffrey Scott, 3 Critical To-Do’s that are guaranteed to ramp up growth.
3:45PM – Set Your Action Items with your peers – in Small Breakouts
4:00PM – End
6:00PM – Cocktail Zoom


This event was first held at Mariani Landscape, the largest landscape company on the continent! Frank Mariani loved the event, “Jeffrey brings ideas that can be put to use right away” and Frank’s COO, Fred Wacker said: “Jeffrey’s program was dynamic, educational, innovative and engaging from start to finish”
“A day well spent gaining a wealth of ideas and knowledge”

– Brian Link, Great Oaks Landscaping.

“Jeffrey is an inspiring example in life and his influence impacts you both professionally and personally”

– Doug Reaves, R and D Landscape.

“Never thought about the value of an accountability agreement or roles of CEO/COO until I attended this event”

– Reg Robertson, Custom Lawn & Landscape, Inc.

“The Executive Experience was a valuable time for my Business Manager and I to define our working relationship and to understand each other better by creating an accountability contract. My Business Manager has become much more effective and confident thanks to this event.”

– Andrew Blanchford, Blanchford Landscape Group.

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