Finish This Year Stronger

Sep 12, 2022 | Leadership, Management, Peer Groups, Strategy

There are two ways to finish the year stronger.

Just answer these two questions.

Question #1 What’s Weaker?

Fix the weaker part of your revenue generation – either fix your sales machine or fix your operations.

Question #2 What’s Stronger?

Leverage what’s working well in your company and do more of it!

I recently put this question (“How do you plan to finish this year strong?”) to four industry-leading clients of mine on a panel discussion during our Summer Growth Summit.
Fix the weaker part of your revenue generation - either fix your sales machine or fix your operations. Share on X

Here is what they told me (from right to left, see photo):

How do you plan to finish this year stronger? Hear what 4 industry-leading clients of mine shared during a panel discussion.

  • Molly John (M.J. Design Associates, OH) is on track for 2022. So her focus is on 2023, where she plans to leverage client relationships by planting seeds for more enhancements next year. She also plans to intensify communications training this fall with her staff. This will allow them to be prime in order to maximize all their potential next year!(Communication and employee development was a big theme at the Summit.)
  • Shanna Scordo (EarthCraft Landscaping, PA) had initially focused on her biggest weakness this spring (production). She became significantly more efficient with operations (new hire, new systems, more accountability). The company got so good so fast that her team ate through their back log. Suddenly she needed more sales and marketing. She went onto hire a new marketing firm, as recommended by members of her (our) Leader’s Edge Peer Group. As a result, she redirected her focus, along with some internal changes, so she could ramp up sales and finish stronger.
  • Wade Vugteveen (DeHamer Landscaping, MI) is doing well at both sales and production. Which leads to question 2, what can he leverage to do even better? His team is doing especially well at selling snow this year. They have already hit their sales goals! With the uncertain economy making him think more about diversification, he is ramping up snow sales further. He is redoubling his snow sales targets.
  • Ted Lucia (Lucia Landscaping, MI) said his divisional sales teams have already hit their goals for the year, and production is keeping up. Ted decided to reset sales targets across the company and increase incentives to push sales beyond their “stretch” to reach their goals.

You will notice that everyone had a different answer. It’s because, everyone has a different business strategy and a unique set of weaknesses and strengths.

Your Challenge: Be Inspired By Your Peers, But Do Your Own Homework

Know your numbers (billable hours, revenue/hour, throughput) so that you know exactly where you stand and if you are behind at this point.

Be honest with your leadership team, and take time mid-year to reevaluate your strategy so you can truly address the weak areas.

As busy as you may be, take time now to think ahead to next year—What can you leverage this fall to make the next 18 months your best yet?

Regards, Jeffrey Scott