Four Techniques for Improved Up-Selling & Cross-Selling

Apr 2, 2024 | client, Growth Tips, Leadership, Marketing, Strategy

Every Spring landscape companies leave money on the table.

They are so busy making the big sale, that they miss important opportunities to make additional sales.

It’s a lose-lose situation

  • Your client doesn’t receive all the great solutions you offer, and
  • Your company doesn’t maximize its profit potential.

To help you capture these missed opportunities, here are four examples of better ways.

1. Onboarding The Client

The challenge when selling a new client: whatever you sell them initially often becomes their long-term perception of your company.

For example:

  • If you sell them mowing, they will think of you as a mowing company.
  • Or if you sell them a patio, they will think of you as a hardscape company,

And then when they need some other service, they easily turn to your competitor.

It’s a tragedy.

Hence, how you onboard your new client makes all the difference.

Russell Landscape, Atlanta, GA, where we held our first Summer Summit, shared the perfect onboarding strategy.

They set up an initial meeting with their new client — and have all their different service managers visit to do a walk through and assessment.

Russell then proposes a myriad of solutions, that the client can buy right away or put in their budget.

The result is a triple win:

  1. The client is wowed by the attention and service.
  2. The property looks immediately much better.
  3. The client now understands the breadth of your services.


2. Active Cross-Selling

Larry Ryan was a forester and tree guy, but he started his company in lawn care because he knew it had more mass appeal.

If he sold lawn care, he knew he could easily upsell tree work.

Now he upsells: Tree care, PHC, Irrigation, Landscape, Pest Control – and more.

It’s smart.

Ryan will be the host of our Summer Growth Summit. Learn more and buy your tickets here.

3. Lighting and Audio.

I have been coaching my clients this Spring on upselling lighting and audio.

These two services have exceptionally high “Throughput” (gross profit per hour) and can improve the margins of every project.

But many salespeople either don’t make lighting (or audio) a standard proposal, or they are too busy to follow up after proposing.

It’s a shame because light/audio greatly enhances your client’s enjoyment of their property.

Options to increase lighting/audio:

  1. Propose it on every job as standard practice
  2. Allow the project manager to do demonstrations and close the sale, if the salesperson has moved on.
  3. Use incentives to motivate the salesperson or the project mgr.

Note: one of my favorite audio companies is Coastal Source. Their sound systems offer the very highest “throughput” on the market!

4. Drip Marketing

My longtime friends and client, Reder Landscaping in Midland Michigan, use email marketing to stay in front of clients.

They send weekly emails highlighting 2-3 services relevant to the time of year.

Yes, you should use social media of course — but once a client is a client, you can use more direct means as well.

It works!

Your Challenge: Avoid the Tyranny of the Urgent.

Most leaders are focused on the urgent: filling backlogs, responding to new prospects, getting weekly production done efficiently.

It keeps bosses and clients happy in the short run.

However, focusing on better upselling, cross-selling and client onboarding will make them happy long term.

And raise the lifetime value of each client.

Go Get ‘Em! Happy Spring!

Regards, Jeffrey Scott

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